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60 Second Profits

Rating 10/10


Here’s a great little system that is currently our number 1 for anyone wishing to make money online. Whether it be short term of long term that you’re after you will not be disappointed. It’s called 60 Second Profits and it’s published by a guy called Keith Jones.

What we love about this guide first and foremost is that it is totally free, and you can apply the methods it teaches and prove that it works before you have to make the decision to apply the methods with real money.

We found the guide via one of our sister sites and decided to test it out, and as far as making money on the internet goes, this was a real stunner that took us by surprise.

So let us set the scene, there are 4 of us in the office Martin, Kelly Geoff and Zaheer. We then decided that each of us would try the system for a limited number of hours in a week and then report our findings, so work out if this is a full time opportunity or a part time thing.

Martin committed 5 hours for the whole week – to simulate someone that did it in his lunch break at work

Geoff committed 7 hours for the whole week – to simulate someone that wanted to commit an hour a day to it

Zaheer committed 15 hours for the whole week – to simulate someone that does it as a part time job

Kelly committed 35 hours for the whole week – to simulate someone that does it as a full time job

So now that we knew how long we had to use it for the week, we wanted to know how the system actually worked and we all gave ourselves half an hour to read how it works, and then test the methods without using any money, and we all seemed to get a similar result. Now that we knew what we were doing we started to time our effort and here are the results


Martin clocked up $661.90 for 5 hours

Geoff clocked up $851.76 for 7 hours

Zaheer clocked up $2247.60 for 15 hours

Kelly clocked up $5931.30 for 35 hours

After applying our efforts this is how much money we each respectively withdrew in to our bank accounts from a starting budget of just £50. If you put in more money, then you could probably earn more in these timescales, but this is just a guideline for you to see the potential of this system.

It gets better too, you don’t need your own website, and you don’t need to write loads of emails or anything like that, it really is a goldmine waiting to be taken.

A unanimous vote gave 60 Second Profits a full 10/10